Download the Silent Eye app from Google Play or download the apk for the Silent Eye - Catch your Friend app.

Obtain the Silent Eye app: There is an extraordinary application for Android that is designed to be a complete companion application. While Someone Attempts to Access Your Versatile with A Wrong PIN, Pattern, Or Password, Quiet Eye Will Take A Photo. It offers a lot cooler features. The Quiet Eye application takes pictures from the front camera of all of your pin and secret key's errant attempts.

Use Silent Eye to Effortlessly Capture All of The Portable Gatecrashers. The task of locating your loved ones as they attempt to reach your location will be made easier by quiet eye contact. While Someone Attempts to Access Your Versatile with A Wrong PIN, Pattern, Or Password, Quiet Eye Will Take a Photo. Using this application, you can locate intruders in the act. Much more cool highlights are provided.

Major highlights

  • Use Silent Eye to Effortlessly Capture All the Versatile Gatecrashers. Try it now!
  • While you open the phone lock screen, a warning about improper actions will appear.
  • You Can View the Previous Lock Screen Access Time Using the Last Unlock Time Component.
  • Get Friends, Messages, and Quotations
  • The Silent Eye Program Has 91 Reviews with a Rating of 4.30/5 and Needs Android 6.0 Or Newer to Run Correctly.
  • A reasonable application for your companions for everyone.
  • 97,414 All Out Launches Quiet Eye App for Complimentary Download.

Unique Characteristics:

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"This Program Uses the Device Administrator Consent," it says in the note. The "Screen-Open Endeavors" Gadget Administrator Permission Is Used by This Application to Identify Some Unacceptable Activities in Your Portable Lock Screen. The application might not function as expected without consent.

Please use the Mood Killer Gatecrasher Detection Highlight in the application to highlight it for uninstalling. Otherwise, you can easily use the uninstall option found in the application menu.


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