Top 25 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get the Chicken Dinner

PUBG is among the most played games on the entire planet! Its advanced game design and easy controls make it an ideal game for players. Millions of users play PUBG every day in search of a victory “Chicken Dinner,” surviving among 100 players in the process.

Even though the victory is heartwarming, it's not easy to attain. Amid the battle royal, it's the technique and rewarding experience that helps a player avoid unwanted attention and win a match.

But who has the time for all that? Thus, we brought to use the top 25 best tips and tricks to use in PUBG to increase the rate of survival exponentially.

These tips are useful for expert players as well as intermediate players. And if you are a beginner who doesn't know the use of tools like “extended mags,” this article will change the way you play the entire game and might reward you with many Chicken Dinners!

If you are new to the game, you might have experienced sudden death. After parachuting to a visible town like School, Georgopol, and Pochinki, you might have encountered many players and died before even picking up a vest. It is a common experience, not a pleasant one, but which you can avoid to survive longer.

Land Your Parachute at the Right Spot

Do worry about the supplies; you can find them in remote areas where you don’t have to compete for them. Land to smaller settlements such as Gatka, Mylta, or outskirts of the school where you can find only 3-4 buildings. Search the area and collect all the loot you can find. After you are well-equipped and survived the first fall, begin your play.

Avoid Early Confrontations

One of the common mistakes of beginner players is rushing toward the bullet sound, eager to die. If you are a beginner and just landed in the game, you must accept the pros are out there. People with higher skill sets pick up rookies at the beginning of the game.

To fight at your best, you must conceal your presence and prepare until the showdown. So, if you hear a gun fire pack your bags and run in the opposite direction.

Keep Searching For Other Players

Spotting a player's trial is the best way to fend off an attack or take advantage of a situation. There are many ways to do so; keep an eye out for open doors, empty rooms, and broken vehicles. These all indicate possible enemies lurking around the corners. You can also take advantage by hiding in a room and closing all doors for a surprise attack.

Don’t Discard Your Shotgun

Beginners never understand the use of pistols, snipers, and shotguns which are, on the contrary, the best weapons for pros. Why? Because of their special tendencies to deal with situations. Shotguns are best for close combat because they deal more damage than regular guns. Snipers are set to scout the area and defeat enemies from far away. And pistols are the best backups. Try to keep them as secondary weapons.

Equip with Best Armor

A level three damaged armor is still better than a full health level two armor. It's true and news to many beginners. While collecting other player's loot, beginners choose not to pick a damaged vest or helmet, which is a big mistake. The auto pick is not set to pick up the damaged kits, so make sure you do it yourself.

Play a Smart Game

Most players die early because they rush too much. The classic PUBG maps are designed as a survival mode for players to hide and take advantage of the terrain. Beginner players rush straight to the battlefield and die in the crossfire. Play smart by first collecting weapons, medical equipment, and armor to find in the end.

Find Your Weapon and Play With It to the End

After a few plays, you will begin to understand the weapon you like the most. Try to find the one weapon you are most comfortable with. Find it, pick up its gears, and stick with it even if it means leaving the more advanced weapons. During a fight, the proficiency of a weapon weighs more than the damage it can cause, so choose wisely.

Never Leave a Scope Behind

Scopes are among the best tools that ever-pro players yearn for. Beginners find 4X and above scopes useless as they are unattainable to automatic rifles, but that's a rookie mistake. Scopes can be the difference between life and death during the final circles, so keep them and use them accordingly.

Run Zigzag When In Combat

Even though it might feel absurd when you are getting hit by bullets, it can save your life. It's easy to shoot a straight-running target like a sitting duck. Moving targets with unpredictable trajectories are not easy to lock on to. If you are getting sniped on, run zig-zag at full speed and find a cover. If you run in a haphazard pattern, the probability of a bullet hitting you decreases by many folds.

Never Lie Down When You’re Getting Sniped

It's every rookie's first instinct to lie down on the grass while getting sniped. But the snipers now know your location; they just have to tilt a little downwards to get you again. Also, the grass disappears after a few distances, so lying down will do you no good. Furthermore, you will be exposed to an even better shot. Use smoke or drop your weapon and run to safety; if you are lucky, you may survive.

Ditch the Boots, Move with Stealth

When you're nearing the endgame, silence becomes your ally. Kick off those noisy boots and move silently to catch your opponents off guard. Barefoot play is common in the latter circles. It makes a huge difference in cutting the noise off. It's your choice to choose between stylish boots or a Chicken dinner.

Equip Your Headphones

In the intense world of PUBG, every sound matters. Don't miss out on crucial cues from voice chat, squad prompts, or even enemy footsteps. Put on your headphones for a better understanding of your surroundings. By hearing footsteps or gunfire, you can estimate the distance of your enemies and prevent a sneaky ambush.

Seize the Perfect Moment with the Perfect Timing

Forget about mindless shooting and reloading. Instead, exercise patience and strike when the opportunity is just right. If you see two opponents fighting, don't interfere; let them fish each other and kill the one who remains. Save your bullets and your health to take advantage of the perfect moment.

Respect the Red Zone

Don't be the daredevil who keeps exploring until the last second. The red zone is too dangerous to stay outside of. Consider playing in or anticipating the zone to avoid unappealing outcomes. Stay alert and mindful of the red zone. Instead of madly dashing towards safety, position yourself in the safe zone well ahead of time.

Use the Edge of Blue

As we talked about just now, zones are dangerous to mess with, except for the blue zone. The blue zone deals minimal damage to players and contracts at a much slower pace. You can use it to your advantage by running along with it. Your backs are safe as no opponent will come from the zone, leaving you with less space to worry about. You'll be within the safe zone while having a prime spot to target unsuspecting players rushing to escape the encroaching storm.

For Swift Sprint Lighten the Load

When you're dashing while evading combat or beating the zone, remember to holster your weapons. These times are most precious, even more than your weapons, armor, backpack, and even your dress. Loosen up and run like hell. By doing so, you'll increase your speed and swiftly maneuver across the battlefield.

Proceed with Caution on Vehicles

Vehicles can be a double-edged sword. They offer speedy transportation early on, but as you approach the red circle, they become a liability. Moving vehicles are easily supported even from far away. A squad of four or even two can destroy a vehicle with ease if spotted. So, it's better to use them during emergencies only. They attract attention and make you an easier target, so use them wisely.

Shift Perspectives

Customize your gameplay experience by switching between different perspective modes. First-Person Perspective (FPP) and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) are the two modes available that give a completely new outlook. Many players like to play with TPP, whereas others are suited to FPP. So find your jam and make the most out of it. Experiment with both perspectives to find the one that suits your style and provides the best situational awareness.

Supply Drops Evaluation

Most players die during collecting a drop. It becomes a hell hole with everyone coming to collect the best supplies. Supply drops may seem like a tempting treasure trove, but they aren't worth the risk. Instead of rushing headlong into danger, exercise caution. Stay put and observe who goes for the loot, check from afar if the loot is already taken or not, and then move forward.

Squad Up: The Essence of PUBG

The true joy of PUBG lies in playing it with friends. Whether it's a trusty companion or a group of close pals, having allies by your side enhances the experience and increases your chances of success. Keep the back of your friend, and he will keep yours. Form a squad, coordinate your efforts, and conquer the battlefield together.

Coordination within Your Squad

But friends are not always free to play, and you are stuck with a random team. Try to make the most out of it by effectively communicating with online teammates. Establish clear channels of communication, utilize voice chat if available, and ensure everyone in the squad lands in the same location. Share loot, support each other in combat, and prioritize healing and teamwork.

Tailoring Performance to Your Device

Make sure to fine-tune your graphics settings. Make it compatible with your device's capabilities before you begin gaming. Adjusting the graphics quality can help alleviate lag on older devices and maximize visual splendor on the latest smartphones. Enhancing graphics not only immerses you in the game but also aids in spotting and tracking enemy players.

Peek & Fire for Tactical Advantage

Enable the Peek & Fire feature in your settings. It is a unique option that is known only to frequent players. This nifty maneuver allows you to peek around the cover and take shots without fully exposing yourself. This means you are protected behind a box or car and still can take a shot at your opponent. Although your head remains vulnerable to headshots, it's still pretty effective. Use this tactic strategically to gain the upper hand in battles.

Healing, Aiming, and Speed

Once your basic health is restored, keep a close eye on the yellow bar. This is important information that tells you about your performance. It represents your energy level, affecting healing, aiming accuracy, and running speed. Keep them boosted during the end of the game, even if you are not injured. Sip on energy drinks to replenish the yellow bar and optimize your combat performance.

Be Patience use Balance and Adaptability

Above all, remember that patience is a virtue in PUBG. Take things slowly, assess your surroundings, and make calculated moves. However, avoid staying in one place for too long. It becomes too risky to stay in one place as the battleground is ever-changing. Maintain a methodical approach, keep your composure, and seize opportunities as they present themselves.


By implementing these tips and strategies, you'll elevate your gameplay in PUBG. Embrace the silence, equip your headphones, time your shots meticulously, and prioritize your safety.

Embrace the camaraderie of squad play, communicate effectively, and optimize your settings for peak performance. Embody patience while remaining alert and adaptable to secure your well-deserved chicken dinner. Now, go forth, conquer the battlegrounds, and emerge as a true PUBG champion!